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UV LED technology is widely used in many fields with considerable advantages in terms of efficiency, duration and energy saving.

Photo Electronics designs and manufactures a wide range of UV LED lamps for various industrial applications. The models start from the portable and manual low power versions (15-70W) for applications on limited areas, to the high power versions with irradiance up to 16W/cm² to be integrated into screen printing, pad printing and offset production lines.

UV LED and traditional UV – Advantages and features


  • no ozone emissions
  • no mercury or dangerous substances
  • no UVC and UVB wavelengths


  • low energy consumption
  • no spare parts and maintenance
  • guaranteed duration for 20.000 hours


  • low heat generation
  • instant switching on and off
  • modular power 0-100%
  • width of partializable irradiance
  • contained sizes that permit an easy integration in the production machines
  • possibility of an end-to-end scalability of lamps, achieved a continued irradiance

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