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Ovens for heating and drying process in Industrial Applications

Photo Electronics introduces a wide range of ovens for heating and drying process in Industrial Applications, using the existing best technologies and solution available in the market.
On industrial processes, heating is conventionally performed by means of medium wave (Quartz emitters) or long wave (Ceramic emitters or gas burners).
Photo Electronics utilizes on own ovens Infrared Halogen Lamps. These lamps generate short wave Infrared radiations, offerring great practical and energy benefits.

Photo Electronics IR Ovens, allow with the highest efficiency and practicality:

  • To accelerate the hardening of two-component mastics and polyester fillers used on natural marble or agglomerates before polishing.
  • To heat marble slabs and tiles, before filling process.

Increasing the temperature of the material helps to eliminate surface humidity improving the penetration and adhesion of the filler.

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Advantages and Benefits

Infrared halogen ovens, compared to conventional heating systems, have the following advantages:

  • Improved energy efficiency (energy saving).
  • Operating power adjustable instantly.
  • Provision of immediate heat: do not require pre-heating but are ready immediately.
  • Directly heat the surface of the material without heating the surrounding environment.
  • The short-wave IR radiation penetrates deeper into the material.
  • In the case of stopped line, oven can be turned off completely and the material inside the oven does not overheat. At the conveyor line moving on, oven is turned on and it produces heat immediately.
  • Compact size: they can be installed in confined spaces.

Models list

Modello  Velocità max
lunghezza forno
Larghezza trattamento
Numero di  lampade
Potenza IR (Kw)Potenza trifase
impegnata (kW)
IR65M2022590650 (filagne)919.812
IR65M3033100650 (filagne)1226.416
IR65M4044580650 (filagne)   153320
IR65M6065580650 (filagne)   2452.831
IR22M10114002200 (lastre)1226.416
IR22M20222002200 (lastre)2452.831
IR22M30330002200 (lastre)3679.247
IR22M403.836002200 (lastre)48105.662