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Industrial Uv Led lamps and uv ovens: application areas and sectors

Application areas for our products

There is no doubt that the UV light sources are widely used in the applications for UV Curing (polymerization, drying, hardening materials), much to become virtually irreplaceable in some business areas, such as graphic arts, adhesives, sealants and coatings.

New UV LED lamps are gaining ever larger slices of the market, a sign that the UV technology of the third millennium will have a growing role in UV curing industry.

Photo Electronics has developed UV LED lamps for most of the industrial applications. Our research and development department continues to develop new models and improve the performance of those already in production, in order to offer products that best fit the needs of our customers and also ensuring the highest quality, reliability and durability.

The following pages are a demonstration of the applications that we have already realized for the various industrial sectors.

Applications we made

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