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Our Products

Photo Electronics, thanks to the technical skills acquired in the last 40 years, designs and manufactures its products internally, solutions for specific needs both with UV/IR technology and with the most innovative UV LED.

The production of the first UV/IR ovens dates back to 2005 and over the years the company has won the trust of the major Italian manufacturers of slabs, marble and conglomerate tiles production lines (as Breton, Pedrini, SIMEC), exporting the ovens all over the world.

UV LED lamps are used today in many applications and replace traditional UV lamps with consequent considerable environmental, operational and economic advantages. Recent UV LED systems are used for the instant curing of printed objects, with different shapes and sizes.

There is also the Spare Lamps Center where you can find UV lamps (high and medium pressure) and halogen IR emitters, of the main manufacturers.

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