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Led oil finishing

LED oil finishing is requested and appreciated by the market for the naturalness and smoothness it gives to natural wood, as well as for its mechanical and chemical resistance. The UV oil is formulated to avoid excessive heating of the wood, with consequent deformability of the strips and has the same chemical-physical performance of traditional acrylic polyurethane products, with a reduced content of VOC (volatile organic compounds), following the regulations for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere. In oil-based formulations, differently from varnishes, oil does not cover the surface but impregnates wood fibers, preserving their aesthetic characteristics and so maintaining its natural color.

UV LED technology and wood application
DROLED UV LED lamps allow instant drying of UV oil on parquet and wooden profiles. The product is spread, brushed and then cured with UV rays. UV LED technology also allows up to 60% less energy used than traditional mercury UV lamps.

Parquet finished with UV oil
The treated floor is protected, ready to walk on and has characteristics of: high cohesion, elasticity and good resistance to wear. It requires simple maintenance with specific products for oil finished parquet.

Advantages of UV oil finishing
Scratches are less visible: if cleaned periodically with a specific product for oily floors, the patina on the floor is covered and renewed
High resistance: the surface does not wear out easily
Natural and warm appearance of wood: the flooring maintains its aesthetic over time
Environmental sustainability: UV oil does not contain harmful substances, such as formaldehyde and it’s suitable for green building

DROLED UV LED lamps for wood finishing