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Automotive / UV spot repair

Automotive: UV spot-repair cycle

UV Portable Lamp TORCIA 400W used in Automotive for Spot-Repair Cycle

In the research of new repair methods to reduce costs of painting is used the UV Spot-Repair method, particularly indicated for damages of small and medium-extension area of surfaces with less than 0.04 square meters.


Technical features

The peculiarity of this method lies in the use of a full line of UV single component products that will produce short machining times.

Such products polymerize by the exposition with UV rays.

Compared to traditional methods the main differences are:

  • Reduction of the product preparation time (ready to use)
  • Recovery of unconsummated remaining product
  • Reduce waiting times or cooling between applications
  • Less risk during polishing

Phases in which it is used UV Torch 400W:

  • Drying of UV filler
  • Drying of UV base Product
  • Drying of final acrilic transparent UV varnish