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UV Ovens for the production of stone and marble slabs and tiles

Productivity, versatility, safety and energy saving: these are the specific needs of the customer who requires a new in-line oven for the production of marble and agglomerate slabs and tiles.

Photo Electronics, thanks to its decades of experience in the design and production of UV ovens, is able to fully satisfy all the requirements and all the UV ovens manufactured to date are highly appreciated by operators in the sector.


  • Hig curing speed: after­40 seconds marble can be immediately polished
  • Specific UV resin: high hardening depth and no mixing
  • UV mastic can be retouched or added before the introduction of slab/tile into the oven,­ without hardeninig
  • UV mastic­ when polished is more brilliant than the two-component type
  • Enviroment and material­ temperature does not affect the hardening speed
  • Lower emission of volatile substances­in the environment (styrene or similar products)
  • Lower energy consumption compared to conventional ovens heat producers

Models list of uv oven for stone industry

Lamps installed: UV Metal-Halide High Pressure 2000/5000W

Modello FornoVelocità max. di
avanzam (mt/min)
Lunghezza forno
Larghezza trattamento
Numero di lampade
Potenza totale
Potenza trifase
impegnata (Kw)
UV65M1011350filagne 65015 Kw5
UV65M2022100filagne 650210 Kw9
UV65M3032300filagne 650315 Kw9
UV65M4042820filagne 650420 Kw14
UV65M6063980filagne 650630 Kw18
UV65M9095670filagne 650945 Kw27
UV12M1011400lastre 1250210 Kw9
UV12M2022200lastre 1250420 Kw14
UV12M3033000lastre 1250630 Kw18
UV12M4043800lastre 1250840 Kw27
UV12M5054600lastre 12501050 Kw36
UV16M101.21400lastre 1650315 Kw10
UV16M202.42200lastre 1650630 Kw18
UV16M303.63000lastre 1650945 Kw27
UV16M404.83800lastre 16501260 Kw36
UV22M101.21400lastre 2200420 Kw14
UV22M202.42200lastre 2200840 Kw27
UV22M303.63000lastre 22001260 Kw36
UV22M404.83800lastre 22001680 Kw50

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