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Welcome to Photo Electronics! The company was founded in the 1960s and today is specialized in design and production of ovens and lamps with UV/UV LED technology for curing and polymerization of inks, varnishes, resins and adhesives.

Thanks to the internal Spare Parts Center, the company also offers spare UV and Infrared lamps of most brands in the market.

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DROLED UV LED technology with high know-how and excellent performance

DROLED UV LED lamps are designed and produced internally, they integrate inside many parts as UV LED diode arrays, power and control electronics, cooling system and different optics to direct UV light.

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From photography to stone industry: our experience in electronics and lighting industry

The company founded in 1961 started its business with the production of electronic equipment for photography and cinematography, in those years it also exported in the USA. Afterwards the production continues for Graphic Arts industry with the realization of UV lamps for sheet and film exhibitors. Later the company specializes in the production of UV/IR ovens, mainly used in the stone surface treatment industry, becoming the leader in Italy.

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Knowledge and experience: our contribution to UV processes for polymerization and curing

Our experience in UV processes has been consolidated over time, we have supplied traditional UV ovens and lamps for different applications, from printing to surface finishing.

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