Multichannel UV Integrators

Useful to measure peak Irradiance and Ultraviolet dose in a single step of multiple spectral ranges chosen. Peak irradiance is the maximum energy value, for example at the focal point of the reflector. Dose is the amount of energy radiated in a specific exposure time, during which the instrument is exposed.

The measurement is calculated at the end of the exposure, so when the instrument is stopped it returns the values ​​of peak Irradiance (mW / cm2 or W / cm2) and dose (in mJoule / cm2 or Joule / cm2). Some versions also allow to detect the temperature.

The value can be viewed on the LCD display. It is used by passing it through the area where UV radiation occurs.

Multichannel UV integrators are available in many versions to measure different parts of the Ultraviolet spectrum separately such as: UV-C 230 – 280nm, UV-B 280 – 315nm, UV-A 315 – 410nm, UV Diazo 350 – 460nm, UV-LED 380 – 420nm, UV-V 395 – 445nm or Full UV spectrum 230 – 410nm.

The multi-channel Integrator is composed by a single unit of different sizes and shapes, on one side sensors acquire separate values, on the other the LCD display allows the view of the measured values. Some models store the samples on the SD card and allow their management via PC software.