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Torcia UVA 400W

The portable lamp model TORCIA 400W is conceived for Curing process throw UVA and UV near Visible rays.
The headlamp is very compact size and is manufactured in elegant extruded aluminium powder painted, light and manageable.
Like any new technology or tool used, safety should be of the utmost concern.
This equipment is manufactured in accordance with the ultraviolet light emitting product guidalines. This safety and health information is provided by the ACGIH (American Conference of Government Industrialist Hygienists) and approved by Italian Institute ISPESL.

Technical features

  • General main switch for power unit ON/OFF.
  • UV-bulb is available in 3 radiations, to fit lamp accordingly with the applications.
  • Polished alluminium reflector for increase efficiency.
  • Countdown programmable timer with LCD display and audible buzzer for finished exposure.
  • Special filter glass for lamp protection from dirt and dast and block dangerous radiations below 340 nm.
  • Hour counter allows to verify the lamp lifetime.
  • The hood fins can be oriented in order to limit any UV reflection towards the operator.
  • Removable handle to keep torch with a single hand.
  • Fuse holder with safety fuse.
  • Integrated fan cooler for increase UV emitter (bulb) lifetime.
  • Flexible headlamp connection cable with fast AMP connector.
  • 110, 230, 240, 277 Volt power requirements for use anywhere.
  • Easy of repair and maintenance.
  • Easy apply to stand device.
  • Spare parts immediately available.

Care for a UV lamp is simple: keep lamp and filter clean, keep filter intact, and use in an area of the shop where ventilation is available.

Dimensions and weight
Lamp unit (without hood) mm 180x190x120(h). Weight Kg 2.700
Power unit mm 230x190x140(h). Weight Kg 6.800

UV-A bulb features

  • 400 Watt high-pressure metal halide lamp with iron and cobalt additives.  Available also versions Mercury and Gallium doped
  • It emits very low quantity of ozone (ozon-free)
  • Dangerous radiations below 340 nm are bloked by special glass professional dicroic filter.

Curing area

The most important feature in UV Curing lamp is the footprint (coverage area) and consistency of cure.
Our equipment covers a square area of about 30 centimetres with an consistency of 30mW/cm2, this means:

  • High radiant efficiency.
  • Fast curing times for UV products (between 1 and 3 minutes).
  • Low heating temperature.

Stand devices

Stand device is designed for the best use of the UV equipment Torch.
In many cases it is necessary,  also allows to stay far during the exposure.
It is composed by: solid base plate painted, four tires for easy moving and an adjustable arm.
There are three types of stand devices: for one equipment, for four or six equipments like in figures.

You can use more than one headlamp for drying large areas.
With stand device headlamp can slide up and down for a complete positioning of the UV source near the surface.


  • Adhesives, sealants, glues with UV Photoinitiators.
  • Automotive (UV resin filler hardening, transparent varnish drying on “Spot Repair” cycle)
  • UV Curing in general
  • Glass and plastics bonding


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