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UV LED Technology: innovation is a choice

Photo Electronics designs and manufactures lamps with UV LED technology (Light Emitting Diodes). UV LED lamp polymerizes UV products used in many industrial fields. The polymerizable products are inks, varnishes, resins and adhesives. 

Each UV LED lamp radiates UV rays in the UV-A/UV-V zone, using the emission of every single LED diode, mounted in groups or in array.

Photo Electronics  lamps are finished products composed by light emitter diodes, system of heat dissipation, electronic microprocessor and optical system.

Example of UV LEDs matrix disposed (LEDs Array) 

UV LED and traditional UV – Advantages and features


  • no ozone emissions 
  • no mercury or dangerous substances 
  • no UVC and UVB wavelengths 


  • low energy consumption 
  • no spare parts and maintenance 
  • guaranteed duration for 20.000 hours 


  • low heat generation 
  • instant switching on and off 
  • modular power 0-100% 
  • width of partializable irradiance 
  • contained sizes that permit an easy integration in the production machines 
  • possibility of an end-to-end scalability of lamps, achieved a continued irradiance

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