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UV LED RETROFIT: new technology with minimal investment

Photo Electronics with the UV LED RETROFIT service offers the UPGRADE from traditional Mercury UV lamps, already installed on printing machines, to lamps with the latest UV LED technology.

Today, printing/decorating companies have the possibility of integrating the new UV LED technology on machines and cycles already in operation, with an UPGRADE that is often necessary and advantageous from many points of view.


• innovative technology
• systems compact
• no moving mechanical parts (shutters)
• greater emission power
• immediate operation after the integration
• no maintenance

• the existing system is not replaced (it is the largest investment made)
• the integration is minimal
• the new investment is limited and guaranteed over time

• significant energy savings
• no pollutants substances (mercury)
• no ozone emissions
• low heat emission

• greater safety for the operator

The retrofit intervention begins with an initial evaluation of the plant and the manufacturing process and, if necessary, demonstrations and preventive tests are performed directly on the production line. For the success of these tests, the collaboration with the supplier of the UV products used (inks, varnishes, adhesives, etc.) becomes essential.
Finally, a personalized quotation allows you to concretely evaluate the final investment and the long-term qualitative and quantitative advantages, thanks to the transition to new LED technology.