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Cylindrical silkscreen printing

UV LED lamps for cylindrical silkscreen printing 

On the automatic silkscreen printers for the decoration of cylindrical objects, the UV LED Droled L70 permits to reach high values of productivity. A Droled lamp, placed after every silkscreen ink application, permits to completely polymerize it during the rotation phase and immediately go to the next decoration. Droled L70 can be switched on and off in sectors, depending on the print width, and it is cyclically switched on and off for every print cycle.

UV Led lamp DROLED by Photo Electronics, applied on automatic silkscreen printing machine for decorating cylindrical containers. 

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UV Led lamps DROLED on brushless screen printing machine

UV Led DROLED lamps Photo Electronics employed on a brushless silkscreen printing machine for the decoration of cylindrical containers. The machine uses two UV lamps LED Droled for the complete polymerization of the ink after the printing phase. UV Led lamps switching on and off is immediate: this allows to keep it turned off during the interval between one press and the nextreducing power consumption. 

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UV Led lamp DROLED installed on an automatic silkscreen printing machine

DROLED UV Led lamp polymerizes the previously applied ink on cylindrical containers. 

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