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Ovens designed for double resin filling tretments of stone surfaces

When the stone for its significant defects , needs to be filled deeply , we recommend a double filler treatment . The second filling applied to the surface of the marble, allows to completely cover the holes and imperfections and compensates for any shrinkage of the first resin layer after its hardening, greatly improving the final result of the processing cycle .
After the polishing step , so you will succeed in obtaining a surface of excellent quality, even with marbles with noticeable problems of porosity and compactness .

The oven equipped with electronic ballasts with adjustable power, allows to adjust the amount of UV radiation depending on the speed of the transport. In this manner, it brings the first resin filling in a state of ” almost ” hardening ( so called gelification ) , allowing the resin of the second application adhere perfectly to the underlying layer .

The stone, after the second grouting , will pass through a second oven for the total UV curing.

Models list

Oven ModelMax. Conveyor Speed (mt/min)Oven Lenght (mm)Working Width (mm)Lamp Units InstalledTotal Lamps Power3-phase Power Required (Kw)
UVG22M10Variable1000Slab 2200414Kw14