UV Dosimeters

Useful to measure the Ultraviolet dose, so the amount of energy radiated in a given exposure time. The measurement takes place at the end of the exposure, when the instrument is stopped it returns the DOSE value expressed in mJoule /cm2 or Joule/cm2. The value can be viewed on the LCD display.

It is used by making it translate into the oven where the UV radiation occurs.

UV Dosimeter instruments are available in many versions to measure different parts of the Ultraviolet spectrum separately such as: UV-C 230 – 280nm, UV-B 280 – 315nm, UV-A 315 – 410nm, UV Diazo 350 – 460nm, UV-LED 380 – 420nm, UV-V 395 – 445nm or Full UV 230 – 410nm spectrum.

The dosimeter is composed by a single unit of different sizes and shapes, on one side a sensor acquires the values then on the other the LCD display shows the measured values.