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Lamps comparison UV LED DROLED vs traditional UV Mercury

Core of the system
Silicon Emitting Diode LED, Low-voltage current through
Fragile cylindrical quartz bulbs, contain mercury High-voltage current through
Power consumptionLOW
Hundreds of Watts/hr
Thousand of Watts/hr
UV lamp Lifetime
20.000 -> 40.000 working/hours
500 -> 2.000 h working/hours Depending on conditions of use and environment
Heat generated by the lamp
-60° measuredon lamp emitting window
+150° measuredon lamp emitting window Bulb can reach 900°C after few minutes operation
Heatemitted on printing support
Possible to treat heatsensitive supports
Switching ON/OFF
Instant No waiting timeNot instant Longer heating and cooling times before turn it on again
Radiation type emitted
UV-A only UV-A + UV-B + UV-C
Cooling system Simple, only warm air No ozone / No fumes emissionOzone emission Fumes release needed, carrying them outside using blowers and piping system well sealed
Environment and health
No mercury No other dangerous substancesMercury and metal halide, dangerous for the environment
Maintenance required
Only glass window cleaning Frequent ordinary maintenance: glass cleaning, periodic replacement of UV bulb, replacing reflectors, cleaning of filters
Stability of UV emission over time
- 10% after 20.000 working/hours
-20/50% after 3000 work/hours Decrease depends on way of use and presence of dust in the environment
Printing quality Stable During lamp lifetime
Changing Depending on lamp age
Supply system Integrated in the lamp Full electronic systemExternal Electromagnetic system containing transformers, chokes, capacitors and ignitor.

Advantages of UV LED technology in silkscreen printing

Core of the system
High resistance to vibration and shock Easily integrable on printing machines
Power consumption
High reduction Investment cost recovered in a short time
UV lamp lifetime No UV emitter to replace No technical maintenance
Heat generatedPrinting and drying of heat sensitive materials No risk of deformations/burning of the printed media
Switching ON/OFF
Switch on only during drying phase Switching on/off does not reduce the LED lamp life
Radiation type emitted
Improved safety for the operator No emission of dangerous UV-C radiation
Cooling system No need to install blowers and pipes for fumes exhaust Only warm air emitted can be released into the environment
Environment & Health
No emitters disposal as special waste
Maintenance required
No maintenance costs and production downtime
UV emission stability
No bulb replaced No technical maintenance Stable ink drying during the entire life of the lamp
Printing qualityUV light stable over time No degrade with working hours More quality during drying phase
Supply systemLED system is more compact and reliable over time

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