UV LED lamps for manual use

UV spot treatments on small surfaces

The series of UV LED lamps called Spot LED 15 is being created to be mainly used manually by the operator.

The characteristics of this model are the spot emission, the cylindrical compact and manageable design, the restrained weight and the resistance to accidental falls, in fact it is suitable to use in heavy environment. It is ideal to be used in manual polymerization process of adhesives, varnishes, resin and glue for industrial purposes.

Power supply Kit with cable and connector is available separately (Code:ALIM15WSPOT/24), otherwise It must be used a 24Vdc industrial costant voltage power supply.


di picco
Diametro finestra
di emissione
Potenza consumata
massima (24Vin)
365nm100mW/cm2Ø 30mm20W 0,9A
390/400/410nm250mW/cm2Ø 30mm20W 0,9A
460nm320mW/cm2Ø 30mm20W 0,9A
  • UV curing of small surface area

  • InkJet printing

  • Laminating of UV adhesives and sealants

  • Medical assembly

  • Heat sensitive substrate curing

  • Catalysis of electronics bonding

  • Catalysis of glass, crystals, metals and plastic bonding

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