Modern production processes need intelligent heat with Heraeus

With a background of many decades of experience, Heraeus now develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of infrared and ultraviolet emitters and components, which find application in all important sectors and areas of industry. 

Infrared thermal technology is efficient and precise. Today there is scarcely a product which doesn’t come into contact at least once with infrared radiation during its manufacture, and this is a growing trend. Consequently, it is even more important that the correct emitter is selected for every application. Heraeus Noblelight covers the total spectrum of technically usable wavelengths and can help find the optimum light source to suit specific processes. Perfectly matched infrared emitters allow heating processes to be carried out at great efficiency with the right amount of energy. Reliable and reproducible manufacturing processes save costs. 

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Note: Some lamps are not available as custom made (produced in exclusive) 

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